Supplier Development & Qualification Program (PQF)

Micro, small and midsized companies need opportunities for improvement to be able to tap larger buyers, which helps to get the economy moving. The Supplier Development & Qualification Program (PQF) was created to help these organizations in Mato Grosso do Sul state to adapt their basic management prerequisites and international standards to those required for negotiations with large companies. The program has numerous sponsoring companies, including Suzano. We believe it is very rewarding to be able to help small and midsized entrepreneurs, even if they supply companies other than our own. The program is supported by the Mato Grosso do Sul State Manufacturers’ Federation (FIEMS) and coordinated by the Euvaldo Lodi Institute (IEL-MS) and the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (SEBRAE).


PQF provides orientation on normalizing suppliers’ tax situation, mapping processes, implementing a quality management system, complying with Occupational Health & Safety standards, complying with environmental laws and the importance of a firm commitment to Social Responsibility. Networking among participating companies is a bonus benefit of the program, in addition to the increase in business opportunities, better quality management and improved financial performance.


The supplier is certified in the Supply Management and Quality System SGQF:2015 (reference ISO 9001:2015 plus one OHS and MA requirement). The Executive Committee’s decision with regard to the certification is based on the audit results. Suppliers approved in this process receive a Qualified Supplier Certificate, recognized by IEL and partner institutions and companies, that is valid for two years. Periodic supervisory audits are conducted of the companies already certified.

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