At Semear, we select micro and small companies operating in various segments from among Suzano’s supplier base, which receive guidance on how to obtain structured growth through good management practices, methods, innovation and principles of legal and social and environmental responsibility. That is what we believe, always respecting each company’s nature.


How do we reap good results? That is Semear’s main benefit for companies, creating and sharing value with better management, process improvements, revenue optimization, cost reductions and more business opportunities.

Ongoing actions


micro and small companies participating in 2020.

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Other Actions

How to become a Suzano supplier?

Creating and Sharing Value through the development of local suppliers by disseminating Suzano’s hiring process, moving through the steps of registration, procurement, access release and control of ancillary obligations (COA).

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“I registered for the Suzano program in partnership with Sebrae. I own a small transportation company in the city of Três Lagoas, Mato Grosso do Sul. In 2020 I enrolled in Suzano’s course to improve my knowledge and prepare my company to provide better services. This course has been of immense value for me, as I learned a lot from trained professionals who guided me and made me see an array of opportunities that I could not see before, backed by high-quality courses with dynamic consulting services. So I want to thank Suzano and Sebrae for this opportunity and may we soon plant new seeds and reap the rewards.”

Wellington Fernando Martinez Viana

Wellington Fernando Martinez Viana ME.

“I just want to say thanks to Suzano for the opportunity to participate in the program. I really liked the Innovation and Entrepreneurship lecture, because I recalled various phases of my own business. I always seek solutions and accept everything that comes to add, and I hope that I meet my obligations with Suzano.”

Marcos Damião Nunes

Owner of Marcos Damião Nunes Coutinho Eireli EPP.

Development actions

in the supply chain

Nourish what’s good for the world

Dialogue in support of the environment and society are important, but actions are needed for a significant renewal to happen. With that in mind, we created and participated as sponsors in programs for suppliers with the main goal of positively impacting, fostering and guiding their development. More than just gaining better partners, we want to help nourish what is good for the world: the dreams, the creative solutions, the local economy and responsible entrepreneurship.

Integrated Supplier Development & Qualification Program (Prodfor)

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Supplier Development & Qualification Program (PQF)

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