Suzano’s purpose is renewing life inspired by trees and this purpose places it as part of the solution to the challenges faced by society. Sustainability is an inherent part of its business as a forest-based company and is fully integrated with its long-term strategy and vision. The company believes that just as important as creating value for shareholders is generating value in a shared manner with society.

Hence, this Sustainable Procurement Policy lays down the principles and guidelines for the effective integration of sustainability in procurement processes, from the definition of product or service specifications through the registration and selection of suppliers.

Suzano believes that the diverse links across its value chain play an essential role in building a fairer and more sustainable society. That’s why the company seeks to develop lasting and transparent business relations based on lofty ethical principles and to constantly encourage the adoption of good social, environmental and governance practices by its suppliers. The company thus supports the promotion of partnerships in a win-win relationship, guided by a sustainable vision in all that is done. To learn more, click here.

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