How we select people who inspire and transform

It is our Procurement team that analyzes the companies registered, selects each supplier and conducts the negotiations. We have a structured management and qualification process for our suppliers so that, together, we can offer the best fruits of our labor to the community, with continuous improvement in products, services and relationships. By the way, we consider relationships very important, after all, companies are made of people. People who inspire and transform!

Procurement process format

Centralized purchasing

Orders made by the Procurement team.

Decentralized purchasing

Orders made by other areas of the company, following the guidelines defined by the Procurement team.

Each step

plays an important role

Nós acreditamos que a criatividade também é um potencial transformador e incentivamos novas ideias. Se você já é um fornecedor Suzano e deseja compartilhar com nosso time de Suprimentos algum novo produto ou serviço oferecido pela sua empresa, envie uma mensagem pelo formulário abaixo.

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Each step

plays an important role

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Selecting potential suppliers

We search our supplier registration system, which is why it is so important to preregister and to keep your registration information always up-to-date. When necessary, we search for potential partners outside of our base, but the Supplier Registration and Certification Process remains mandatory.

Requesting and presenting the proposal

Requests for information (RFIs), for price quotes (RFQs) and for proposals (RFPs) are submitted, which are analyzed in the next step. It is important to consider the requests specified in the process, so if there are any questions, this is the ideal moment to clarify them.

Analysis of proposals and negotiation

To ensure that the process is fair and there are equal opportunities for suppliers, the analysis of technical and commercial proposals is carried out by different teams within Suzano. In this step, we can submit questions to the bid competitors and hold negotiation rounds to seek better supply terms. All selected suppliers must be registered and certified to participate in this step.


We really like this step, because it means we have found a supplier that offers quality products and services, competitive prices and principles aligned with our own. Contracting undergoes internal approval processes and the winner of the process is notified of the contracting formalization, so that we are able to start our partnership!

Of everything we plant, ethics comes first

All of Suzano’s contracting processes are carried out in accordance with the law, internal policies, ethical principles and guidance, always impartially considering and respecting the interests of all parties involved. Here at Suzano there is no room for any kind of bribery, corruption, extortion or fraud, which are actions that are completely prohibited. No supplier, either directly or via intermediaries, may offer or receive any personal benefit, improper or illegal, to influence decisions or obtain advantages.

Important documents

Performance assessment

Our critical suppliers of fixed services, inputs, forestry and industrial raw materials undergo a performance assessment every year. The assessment considers various requirements, and the final results are used to determine the Supplier Performance Score (IDF). We explain the IDF in more detail below to improve your understanding.

Did you know? critical suppliers are those that supply items that could potentially have major impacts on the capacity or quality of products, process performance, the safety of teams and equipment, the health of our teams and the integrity of equipment.

Requirements evaluated

Technical quality: on-time performance, technical qualification, structuring of processes, technical support.

Safety: SSO performance, safety dialogue, PPEs.

Environment: operating processes, environmental incidents and impacts, resolution of incidents and black smoke.

Social: social impacts and respect for Human Rights.

Benefits of assessment

The performance assessment shows the supplier’s score for each requirement, serving as guide for what needs to be adjusted internally and encouraging continuous improvement. The higher the scores obtained in the assessment, the higher the IDF, which leads to greater visibility for the supplier.

For more details, see the Supplier Performance Assessment document.

Supplier Performance Score (IDF)

The average of the supplier's scores in each requirement of the Performance Assessment and the assessment of the level of economic and financial risk of the partner organization are used to determine the final score, the Supplier Performance Score, which leads to the following classifications:

Approved with Restrictions