Safety is a core value, is caring, is routine

Our core commitments include caring for the safety of people.
Practice active safety precautions, look out for yourself and your colleagues and accept others looking out for you. We have created content to keep the topic present in the daily routines of our employees and suppliers. Learn more below.

Safety Pact

The Safety Pact is a commitment undertaken by employees and service providers to adopt safety as a key value, which means understanding that safety is non-negotiable and must be incorporated into our routines and everything we do.

Sign this Pact with us! Together for LIFE!

Cuidar Program

Suzano has a program dedicated to promoting safety as a key value and human aspects. Implemented at all our units, the program works to protect human life and health and to develop Safe Behaviors.

You, who are part of our daily routine, play a key role in the practice of this responsibility. Let’s move forward together!

Post-contracting process

It is important that suppliers consult the general guidelines and the Simplified Terms and Conditions of Engagement and Mobilization and Monthly Control of Ancillary Obligations described in our documents. These documents provide clear explanations of items in the process, such as sending invoices, general terms and criteria for payments, delivery of goods and engagement of third parties.

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General guidelines for supplying materials and inputs and providing services

These are important guidelines for the proper execution of the supply and services contracted, such as information related to issuing electronic invoices, general terms and criteria for payment, collection and delivery of goods and more.

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Simplified terms and conditions of engagement – CCS

The Simplified Terms and Conditions of Engagement (“CCS” or “Agreement”) are applicable to the provisions of supply and services rendered to Suzano or any company part of its economic group, conditions that must be complied with in all agreements.

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Mobilization and monthly control of ancillary obligations

All service companies that enter Suzano’s facilities, as well as its subcontractors, must follow specific criteria to ensure the integrity and security of processes and people. You can find all steps of this process here.

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To submit the documents, visit the site of the documentation management office.

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Monitor your payments

We currently have a partnership with Itaú Solutions, a tool created so that you, our supplier, can access important data for your company, such as payment statements, consultation and printing of bank payment slips and much more. Note that you do not need to be an Itaú customer to use the tool.

Request your access information from Itaú Solutions by completing the following form. We’ll get back to you soon!


Designed to bring suppliers together, Suzano created the SGS Portal - Suzano Global Services, Suzano S.A. Service Center Portal. A facilitator that meets financial, tax, registration routines and among other exclusive solutions for Suzano suppliers.

Access the SGS Portal here

Monitor the status of your purchase orders from submission to payment of the invoice for materials or services on the EVA Portal, a virtual portal designed especially for you, our supplier. From start to finish, the portal will help you to monitor and confirm your orders.

Confirmation of receipt of order or refusal with justification

Scheduled delivery date of the materials

Executing the service measurement process via the portal

Monitoring the authorization of payments of invoices for services and materials

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