We cultivate a safe space of respect, dialogue and diversity with our suppliers too. See below a list of Frequently Asked Questions, where the answer to your question may already be. If you still have questions, you can complete the form in the New Ideas section below to send your message.

The New Ideas section was made for you, our supplier, to share your portfolio update with Suzano. For clarifications and anonymous reports, see the Ombudsman contact information at the end of this page. We’re here to help!

New ideas

for creating and sharing value

We believe that creativity also has the power to transform, and we encourage new ideas. We’re driven by innovability! If you already are a Suzano supplier, have updated your portfolio of products or services and want to share the news with our Procurement team, click the I’m a supplier button, complete the form and send your message.

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External Ombudsman

This is a confidential space for asking questions and reporting unethical conduct, which may be done via the following channels:


0800 771 4060





Supplier Code of Conduct:

You also can contact Suzano Answers to submit your questions or suggestions.


0800 022 1727