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Supplier Frequently Asked Questions

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Is registering on the Serasa Fornecedores platform required?
Suzano uses the tool as part of its financial assessment of suppliers. We prioritize doing business with suppliers who are registered on the platform.
Through which channel can I check information on payments, statements and bank payment slips?
We currently have a partnership with Itaú Solutions, which is a tool that you, our supplier, can use to access important information for your company. Note that you do not need to be an Itaú client to use the tool.
What should the company do to obtain the credentials for accessing the Destra Portal?
The company should send an e-mail to falecomagente@ddestra.com.br informing their CNPJ Tax ID number. The information will be analyzed by Destra and your login and password will be created.
What are the steps of the process for authorizing access?
First, there must be a formal link between Suzano and the company (purchase order or agreement). Once the link is established, the required documents must be submitted and employees must undergo the safety integration program. If the documents are in good standing and the company employee is approved in the safety integration program, badges will be provided (except for forestry units and DCs, which do not use them due to internal reasons).
Will visitors also have to go through the access authorization process at Destra?
No. The procedure for access by visitors follows the guidelines of the Facilities area. It is important to reinforce the definition of visitor: Any person that enters Suzano’s facilities for purposes other than performance of contracted services, such as technical and/or commercial issues related to a bid process, advance inspection of the place where services will be provided, monitored demonstration of products following an invitation or similar situations.
What is Zdacs?
Document created in SAP system to notify Destra of the contracting of suppliers that need access to Suzano’s facilities. Zdacs is linked to the purchase document (order/agreement) and provides information on the access authorization process, such as access period, access limit, unit where services will be rendered, name of manager, etc. Zdacs is sent automatically to Destra when the purchase document (order/agreement) is effectively approved by Suzano’s internal approval authority.
What should I do when the access limit established in the Zdacs is reached and there are still third parties that need access authorized?
Note that Destra does not have the power to authorize accesses that do not comply with Zdacs. Therefore: The company must request cancellation of the access of third parties who will no longer need it for whatever reason, by sending an e-mail to gestaodeterceiros@ddestra.com.br. After the cancellation is made by Destra, it will be possible to add other third parties. If even more third parties must have their access authorized, the Suzano manager or buyer must be contacted for an analysis of the scenario and change in the Zdacs.
What is the period agreed with the documentation management office for analysis of the documents submitted and what are their business hours?
The period for analysis of the documents submitted is of up to two business days, except for General Downtimes (PGs)/Scheduled Downtimes (PPs), for which there are special service strategies so that analyses are even faster. The business hours of the documentation management office are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday, at its headquarters in the city of Americana. The advanced stations in certain Suzano units follow the business hours of the respective units.
What is the period (SLA) for Destra to analyze only the order number on the instrument of authorization?
There is no special period (SLA) for that. The default period is of up to two business days after inclusion of the information in the process.
What area is responsible for the safety integration program?
The HSQL area is fully responsible for the safety integration program, from the definition of the validity (currently two years), content, application of the program, application of test to the definition of criteria for approval of the participants. The dates and times of the program are defined by this area as well, without any involvement of the Master Data Governance area or the documentation management office.

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