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Sustainable Development

Semear Online

Semear Online was created keeping in mind the sustainable development of our suppliers, to offer them opportunities for distance learning in a practical and simple manner. We are providing all of Suzano’s training programs free of charge in order to create and share value with you and your company!

Suzano Purpose

After a challenging year, we had a very special celebration and revealed our Purpose!! Yes, our purpose, which stems from our vocation, something that only we can do with that special touch. And that comes to meet a real need of the world. Our purpose guides us, inspires us and shows us every day that we’re on the right path. Watch the video, get inspired and live the purpose with us!

2020 Annual Report

Marked by the most challenging scenario ever facing humanity, the year of 2020 transformed the way we live, work and relate to each other. We had to adapt to the new reality, while always prioritizing the health and safety of all. More than 2 billion people are impacted by Suzano's work and hence we must go beyond merely managing our business and think of ways to understand and meet the real needs of society and the environment.

Imagine a future of bio-possibilities

Sustainability is part of our business and innovability is our path. Imagine a future of biopossibilities with us!

Long term goals Suzano

The future depends on our capacity to optimize the use of the resources available in the planet. Hence, renewal is urgent. And that’s why we integrate sustainability with innovation in our business and undertake public commitments so that we can jointly reap a better future for the planet and for future generations. Learn about some of our long term goals, follow our initiatives and let’s plant a better future, together.

Climate Change in the Value Chain

To mitigate and adapt ourselves to climate change, we incorporated the topic in our business model through a systemic and collaborative approach that connected the local and global agenda. In this journey, as part of Suzano’s Sustainability strategy, we announced the commitment to create and share value, evaluating increasingly more positive impacts through our long-term targets. Also, to further strengthen Suzano’s relations with its suppliers and encourage them to undertake joint commitments to reduce emissions, we struck an alliance with CDP, an international nonprofit organization. This alliance will engage and assist our suppliers in measurements, data transparency, establishment of targets, as well as the assessment of risks and opportunities related to climate change.

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