Climate Change in the value chain program

Climate Change in the Value Chain

Suzano is the world’s largest eucalyptus pulp producer and one of Latin America’s leading paper producers. We are a global benchmark in developing sustainable and innovative solutions from renewable sources, we recognize the importance and need to play a proactive role and be an agent of change in initiatives aimed at solving the challenges faced by society. These include the climate crisis, caused by the increased concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which is increasingly affecting the environment all over the planet.

To mitigate and adapt ourselves to climate change, we incorporated the topic in our business model through a systemic and collaborative approach that connected the local and global agenda. In this journey, as part of Suzano’s Sustainability strategy, we announced the commitment to create and share value, evaluating increasingly more positive impacts through our long-term targets:

Also, to further strengthen Suzano’s relations with its suppliers and encourage them to undertake joint commitments to reduce emissions, we struck an alliance with CDP, an international nonprofit organization. This alliance will engage and assist our suppliers in measurements, data transparency, establishment of targets, as well as the assessment of risks and opportunities related to climate change.

CDP - Supply Chain Member

The program will help expand knowledge on the topic within the value chain, resulting in the maturation of emissions management by suppliers. We will help these partners improve their performance so that we can work together in fighting climate change.

CDP - Supply Chain Member

Caring for Water in the value chain

Inovabilidade in the value chain program

The Caring for Water Program is an initiative launched by Suzano to encourage its partners to better manage water resources. Through the program, suppliers will be instructed to measure their consumption and ensure transparent water management, besides defining targets and assessing the risks and opportunities regarding the use of water resources. A few strategic suppliers have been selected, who will be encouraged to access the CDP platform and report their water use data.

Suppliers will receive a score from CDP and, based on their performance, will be encouraged to set targets and launch initiatives to improve their performance in the use of water resources. At the end of the program, it will be possible to measure the evolution of suppliers during the program and recognize the top performers. Mapping information is essential for companies to measure the impact of their operations.

CDP - Supply Chain Member

The program will also help expand knowledge on the subject across the value chain through training programs, workshops and webinars conducted by CDP and Suzano. The program is part of Suzano’s sustainability strategy and is related to the “Commitment to Renew Life” undertaken by the company in 2020 through the following long-term targets:

1 -Increase water availability in all watersheds considered critical in the company’s areas of operationIncrease in water availability in all hydrographic basins considered critical in the company’s areas of operation

2 - Reduce water withdrawal by 15% by 2030

Inovabilidade in the value chain program

The Inclusive Purchases program is designed to engage and mobilize our supply chain to broaden the impacts of Diversity & Inclusion commitments and to promote an inclusive environment.

Suzano believes that diversity, equity and inclusion make us stronger and, backed by this certainty, it set specific goals for our people: guarantee 100% accessibility and a 100% inclusive environment for people with disabilities at our mills and offices; achieve the target of having 30% women and 30% black people in leadership (functional managers and above) positions; and ensure a 100% inclusive environment for LGBTQIA+ people. All this by 2025.

In addition to these commitments, Suzano is a signatory to the Women’s Empowerment Principles of UN Women and has an internal diversity, equity and inclusion program – Plural - which operates on five core fronts: women, black people, people with disabilities, generations and the LGBTQIA+ community.

So, to understand and strengthen diversity actions across our Supply Chain, we conducted a Diversity and Inclusion Census among our partner companies and established a Code of Conduct specifically for suppliers, which underlines our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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Innovability in the Value Chain Program

Suzano increasingly seeks to establish connections and partnerships to address diverse challenges in line with our commitments to renewing life. These are initiatives aimed at what we call innovability, that is, innovation at the service of sustainability.

Suzano believes in the transforming power of connections and partnerships and, hence, has launched the Innovability in the Value Chain program with the goal of encouraging suppliers to seek innovative solutions in order to build a more sustainable future. This initiative consists of challenge cycles aimed at seeking greater innovability across the Suzano chain.

This is an opportunity to create and strengthen bonds between Suzano as well as its current and future partners to generate a positive impact on society. This way, your company can contribute to Suzano’s purpose of renewing life inspired by trees!

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Inovabilidade in the value chain program

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Performance assessment

Our critical suppliers of fixed services, inputs, forestry and industrial raw materials undergo a performance assessment every year. The assessment considers various requirements, and the final results are used to determine the Supplier Performance Score (IDF). We explain the IDF in more detail below to improve your understanding.

Did you know? critical suppliers are those that supply items that could potentially have major impacts on the capacity or quality of products, process performance, the safety of teams and equipment, the health of our teams and the integrity of equipment.

Requirements evaluated

Technical quality: on-time performance, technical qualification, structuring of processes, technical support.

Safety: SSO performance, safety dialogue, PPEs.

Environment: operating processes, environmental incidents and impacts, resolution of incidents and black smoke.

Social: social impacts and respect for Human Rights.

Level of partnership: Supplier collaboration rate.

Self-evaluation: social impacts and respect for human rights.

Benefits of assessment

The performance assessment shows the supplier’s score for each requirement, serving as guide for what needs to be adjusted internally and encouraging continuous improvement. The higher the scores obtained in the assessment, the higher the IDF, which leads to greater visibility for the supplier.

For more details, see the Supplier Performance Assessment document.

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Supplier Performance Score (IDF)

The average of the supplier's scores in each requirement of the Performance Assessment and the assessment of the level of economic and financial risk of the partner organization are used to determine the final score, the Supplier Performance Score, which leads to the following classifications:

Approved with Restrictions

Suzano Valoriza Recognition Program

The company values ​​relationships, seeking to bring its partnerships closer and closer to the supply chain, which is why the Suzano Valoriza program was created in order to recognize the performance and encourage the excellence of our partners.
The program encourages the adoption of joint commitments, strengthening the culture of partnership, valuing and expanding our role in transforming the way we produce, consume and relate to the world, people and planet.


Programa de Reconhecimento Suzano Valoriza

Prizes will be distributed in two categories:

    Input Suppliers
    Service Providers

Suppliers will be evaluated by the following Indicators:

  • 1
    Supplier Performance Index - IDF
  • 2
    Self Assessment - Self-assessment questionnaire covering socio-environmental issues.
  • 3
    Level of partnership - Supplier collaboration rate.
  • 4
    Degree of Risk - Index constructed from labor, financial and economic data and information from companies providing fixed services. And Serasa for input suppliers.

In addition to the general award per category, suppliers will be recognized in specific areas:

Climate and water security

Suppliers featured in best practices on climate and water security.

ESG Pillar

For suppliers participating in socio-environmental audits, highlights on the ESG pillars.